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What are my Clients Saying?

"AJ Oliva is a blessing. As a trainer/teacher, he is tremendously gifted and his enthusiasm and passion is boundless. As a human being, he is someone that you feel good to be around because it is easy to feed off his positive energy. The more you are around the guy, the better you feel as a person. His workouts are off the charts. He is changing my life because every time I walk out of the gym pouring sweat I feel younger, stronger and healthier. He is making me better, and I have the utmost respect for him."

Rich Barry

"First and foremost, AJ is one of the most selfless people I have ever encountered. He is a great teacher, but an even better human being. Because of AJ's training, I personally have been transformed into an athlete that I've always wanted to be. AJ has all the intangibles of a phenomenal trainer. To have someone follow your instructions is one thing, getting someone to fall in love with what you are preaching is another. AJ's abilities of instruction are special. He will personally customize every training session specifically for you to meet your goals. AJ is going to do everything in his power to make sure your development grows. I personally have a brutal work schedule, making it only possible to see AJ twice to three times a week tops. He will work around your schedule and optimize the time you have together. What separates AJ from other trainers is his dedication to your development. I have never had the same training session twice, and I have never left a session without AJ giving me an assignment to work on for our next meeting. I have obsessed over these at home assignments, and when I come back for our next meeting I can personally see my own development. If I were to recommend you to another trainer I would be selling you short. AJ is an unbelievable trainer, but an even better human being. With him you will be gaining strength, endurance, knowledge, and ultimately a great friend throughout your entire experience. I look forward to training with AJ for years to come."

Nick Tyson

"I have had many trainers but no one is like AJ! Not only is he a great trainer but he is also a great guy! I have been training with AJ for almost two years and I see my self as a stronger and more knowledgeable person. Not only are we training at the sessions, but he is always giving great nutrition advice. It is like a work out and a nutrition session all in one. This really helps me keep on track. Aj is always changing things up, so the work outs are rarely repetitive. This is what Aj loves to do and you can really feel and see that while working out. The work outs are great and he is definitely the best trainer in town!!"

Hailey Leone

"Having been in the sports peak performance industry for 18 years, I sought AJ for his current and unique perspective to increase overall health. AJ provides the qualities of a great coach, he individualizes your health plan specific to your needs and lifestyle. Which is trait of an elite coach. I've recommended several of my champion athletes to seek physical and nutritional evaluation from AJ. His passion to proper techniques and preparation prevent injury, increase overall knowledge, and deliver results. The best coaches do not have Ego's and seek guidance and counseling from other experts in their field. I'm certainly glad to have gained knowledge from AJ regarding diet, functional movement system, and kettlebells to increase my overall health."

Chris Noto

"I have worked with numerous "trainers" before, but none had the attentive understanding of my needs or goals like AJ. Running three businesses and traveling internationally frequently, my schedule is constantly fluctuating and setting a traditional gym schedule was just not in the cards for me. AJ helped me incorporate easy to understand work outs and exercises, many I am able to do without any "gym" at all. His focus on strength, nutrition and overall holistic approach is refreshing in an industry over run by promoters and superficial supplements. I highly recommend anyone looking to shift lifestyles, get fit and stay fit, see what value he can add."

Manus Mullanaphy

"Working out with A.J. has inspired me to push myself to enhance my fitness goals. Although I've been working out at a conventional gym taking classes and kickboxing on a regular basis, I felt it still wasn't providing me with the results I had hoped to achieve. Since I've been working with A.J., I can see a major difference in my strength, endurance and physical appearance. A.J. is a knowledgeable trainer focused on nutrition and fitness.He was vital in helping me change my overall lifestyle.His workouts are geared towards your specific needs and are far more effective than any of the classes I've been taking. He will push you to new limits during your workouts to gain maximum results. I would highly recommend A.J. to anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle."


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